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Selling A Home in Penticton

Selling a home in Penticton involves a number of complex factors, some based on industry, while others are personal. Market trends, the age and condition of your home, your location, your timeline, and the flexibility of your asking price all influence the selling experience. Heidi Harbinson makes it a point of pride to work closely with her clients to identify all the factors in play and strategize to create the optimal selling plan for your property.

Before entering the real estate industry, Heidi obtained a business degree and worked in sales. Her expertise in negotiation taught her to work thoughtfully but directly towards the goal—in this case, a fast and profitable home sale. Partner with a Realtor® who understands the importance of selling your home and focuses all her energy on getting you the results you need.

Negotiating Power

Negotiating is an art and a science. During her time in the sales industry, Heidi worked as a negotiations trainer, developing other leaders to attain their personal and business goals. This experience has manifested itself in the real estate industry propelling Heidi to be one of the most sought after negotiator s in the valley.
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Personalized Marketing

Heidi likes to stay laser focused on her clients’ needs, adjusting her marketing plans to ensure the best result for each property. She creates a custom feature sheet and property listing brochure for each of her listings to highlight the best features and selling points of the house. Heidi uses those talking points to guide potential buyers through open houses or virtual consultations, bringing qualified and interested purchasers to the table. Work with Heidi to get a tailor-made marketing plan that’s designed for your property.


How can I sell my home fast?

Lower the price! In all seriousness, price is one of the defining factors in home sale speed. You’ll often face a trade-off between selling your home quickly and selling your home for a greater value. An experienced Realtor® can walk you through the necessary calculations to find the right selling price and revise as needed to suit your timeline.

How can I sell my house for more?

Your Realtor® can discuss many tips and tricks that can help you net a higher offer for your home. Staging expertise, landscaping, renovations, and other targeted changes help improve the appearance of your home and the likelihood that a qualified buyer will make an offer.

How much is a typical real estate commission?

In BC, most Realtors® will negotiate on their commission, which usually falls between 3% and 4% for the first $100,000 of your home’s selling price and 1%-2% of the remaining price. Your Realtor® will help you understand the commission scale and what you can expect to receive for your house when all the transactions are completed.

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