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Buying your first home? Selling a luxury property? Heidi Harbinson has the skills and drive to deliver the real estate expertise you need. When it comes to marketing your home, finding the perfect property, or negotiating the perfect price, Heidi is ready to help. Learn more about available services, or contact Heidi for a complimentary consultation.


You need a home that suits your lifestyle and provides a warm, welcoming place for your family. It’s no wonder many people see a home as the biggest, most important purchases in their lives. For first-time homebuyers especially, the process can seem overwhelming. Heidi can help. Learn more about buyer services from Harbinson real estate.

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Selling a property can mean moving on to a new house, going on an adventure to a new city (or country!), or upgrading an investment property. Selling your home gives your the financing and freedom you need to start on the next phase of your real estate journey. Get an experienced negotiator on your team and improve your chances of securing the best value for your home with Heidi Harbinson.

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